St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

Donations Reopen – Please Try Not to Overwhelm Us!

Please don’t misunderstand – We love you donations!


Your donations are the foundation of the St. Vincent de Paul Store.  Its revenue is critical to our ability to carry out our mission:

We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.




Without your donations to the store, we would have nothing to sell.  However, too much of a good thing – like the last few months of the donations bubble (click here to read the story of the putting the donations on hold for two weeks) – stressed out everyone connected with the store, including the staff and volunteers (and therefore, me).  However, after huge amounts of work by the staff, regular volunteers, and special volunteer evening work parties (which are continuing and you can join), we have made enough progress to hesitantly reopen donations.


However, we ask that you be gentle and not overwhelm us right now while we continue to catch-up sorting, pricing and stocking those prior donations.  Now, to those long-time donors, don’t give me that look of “what do do you mean by ‘be gentle’?”   You know exactly what I mean – this is not the time to gather up the 20 bags of clothes in hall closet you have been accumulating all summer, and the 15 boxes of odds and ends stacked up in corner of the garage, and fill up the SUV to run them down to old St. Vinnies.  Please spread those things out over a few weeks for us…  However, if you have been running around town with some donations bouncing around in your trunk since we caught you off guard by putting donations on hold, then by all means, come on down during our new donation times:

10 am-noon Wednesdays and Saturdays

Side entrance of the store at 9151 Glacier Hwy

and we will receive your donations with a smile, a hearty thank you and your tax receipt (which we will do even if you show up in the SUV with the 35 bags and boxes).  And a final word on donating furniture between now and the end of the holidays…

Hold on Furniture Donations until After the First of the New Year

With a backlog of donations still clogging the back area of the store, we do not have room to store our current stock of furniture in order to make room for the Holiday Store.  So, we are putting a hold on furniture donations until after the first of the year.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. (But you do want us to put us to put up our legendary holiday store, don’t you? Ho, ho, ho…)