St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

At the St. Vincent Store

Sunday is Father’s Day

And to help you honor dear ‘ole dad, we are having a sale on everything that would make great Father’s Day gifts!  Come early while the selection is good.




To Round Out This Weekend, We have Four Sales to Make it Worth Your While to Visit The St. Vincent Store

First up, all tops and bottoms – women’s and children’s (men’s were already on sale) – are 50% off!





Next up, we have a great selection of flat-screen computer monitors – some are 1080p (if you don’t know what that means, ask you children).






For whatever reason, we had a lot of mirror donations over the last couple of months.  So now is the time to save on your vanity!






And, we always get a lot of glassware in donation, which buildup in our Housewares Shoppe.  So no better time to upgrade (and donate what you no longer need!).




June is Wedding Month


You would be surprised how much (I know I was) wedding stuff we receive in donations at the St. Vincent Store, including beautifule wedding dresses.  If you are June bride on a budget, we are you wedding planning headquarters.



There is Always a Sale at St. Vincent Store

Everywhere you look in the St. Vincent Store you will something on sale right now .  Don’t miss out!  If you have not visited yet, this is a great time to come and see what all the talk is about.  When you head-out shopping, stop by us first to see if you have what you are looking for – at a fraction of the price!  And your purchases go back to your community, as we use proceeds from the store to provide monetary assistance, food, clothing, housing, and services to people in need in Juneau.



…and blue-tagged items 75% off, and yellow-tagged items 50% off!  And, if you are wondering, what the heck a tag sale is, you can read my explanation here.





Yearning for those Blockbuster Video Days?

After seeing Captain Marvel when she fell into the Blockbuster Video in the 1989, did you start longing for the good-old days of VHS tapes?  Well, if you can dig out your old tape player, we have hundreds of tapes on sale now.  And, since we have stopped taking book donations (sending book donations across the parking lot to the Friends of the Library – they do a much better job with reselling books that we ever did), it only seemed right when they offered to send their VHS tape donations our direction that we graciously add to ours.  So, we just got their first four boxes of tapes to add to our existing stock.  Lot’s of interesting new titles!

Coming Soon…

What, you say, lunacy is this?  Do you have heat stroke (probably not likely in Juneau…?  But yes, we will be opening our famous St. Vincent Christmas Store for just two weeks in July up to July 24th (the 1/2 year Christmas Eve)!  (Are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your head yet?)


Help Us Spend our Advertising Budget

Did you hear our ads on the radio or see us at the movies or theatre? We have been advertising with the Juneau Radio Group, both movie theaters and the Thunder Mountain High School
Theatre Department.




What did you think:
– Did you understand our message?
– Did it speak to you?
– If not, what would have spoken to you?
– Should we continue doing this?
– Where else should we advertise?

And, of Course, Free Hot-Buttered Popcorn and Lemonade on Saturdays

Bring the family!





Guest Service Guiding Principles

We are currently in training to meet our new Guest Service Guiding Principles.  You can help us by letting us know how we are doing.  Both positive and not-so positive feedback will be appreciated.  Send comments to






As part of our new Guest Service program you will find comment and suggestion cards on the front of store display case.  We would love to hear from you.  Of course, you can also email your comments and suggestions to me at





Proud Founder and Member of the New Juneau Resale Association

Did you know that there are eleven resellers of second-hand merchandise in Juneau with stores (our criteria for membership is having a physical storefront)?  I didn’t either.  They include:Mommy-N-Me, Second Wind, The Rose Aube Bay, The Amazing Book Store (Friends of the Library), Alaskan Dames and Downtown Dames, GameOn, Nana’s Attic, Urban Eskimo, Salvation Army and us.