St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

Thank You Donors, But Please Allow Us to Catch Up…

Donations Overload!

We heard from you (and boy, did we hear you!) and instituted regular donation hours which we honored, no matter how many donors showed up, and how many items were donated.  However, after just over a month,  the donations room, and all the other areas in the back of the new store were overloaded with donations.  This included retail areas that were not setup, an office and employee break room that we were waiting for a building permit to construct (which we now have).

Here are a couple photos, in case you don’t believe us.

Despite a valiant effort on the part of our staff and long-time volunteers to keep up with donations (turned out they didn’t stand a chance), and my assurance that our donors’ backlog of donations would subside any day (which I referred to as the donation “bubble” – and it did, but much, much later than I predicted), we are simply out of space!  And, the volunteers and staff are out of patience with me (I heard some mutterings about tar, feathers and rails out of town…).  So, I need you your understand, patience and possibly, your help.

Your Understanding and Patience

First the understanding and patience part.  Next to our clients – those we serve as part of the mission of St. Vincent de Paul – our donors are critical to our ability to carry out our mission:

We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

Without your donations to the store, we would have nothing to sell.  So, it is with great reluctance that we are putting a hold on donation acceptance for two weeks, until October 20th (and praying that we are not creating a new “bubble”).  Please be patient while we try to clear the backlog of donations that has completely filled the back of the store.  When we re-open donation acceptance, the days are also changing to just Wednesdays and Saturdays to better match the days when we have volunteers available to accept, sort, price and move your donated items onto the store floor.

Volunteer Opportunities for Evening Sorting Parties (we provide snacks and the party)

Now for the opportunity to help.  While we are always looking for individuals to volunteer their time at SVdP, the backlog of donations is more than the current store volunteers and staff can possibly clear in two-weeks.  So we already have volunteer groups working in the evenings (6:00 to 9:00 pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We have store supervisors to train and assist your group.  We provide the snacks.  We crank-up the store sound system with whatever music you like.  And a good time is had by all!  Last week we had groups from St. Paul’s Catholic Church, and this week we will have a crew from Resurrection Lutheran Church.  However, you don’t need to be a religious organization, as we accept slave labor – oops, I mean – volunteers from any group.  Book clubs, knitting groups, rugby teams, motorcycle gangs, etc., are welcome!  Contact us at, or call 808-782-5795 for more information or to schedule your group.

By the Way (a little bit of selling here)

In the “thrift-store-biz,” the St. Vincent de Paul Juneau Thrift Store is considered an up-scale thrift store because of the quality of donations from you, as most of the items in the store are practially new, unused, or at worst, slightly used.  Well-worn items are passed on to our thrift center in the Dan Austin Transitional Support Services Center located below our transitional housing facility, where they are available to those in need at low, or no cost, according to their ability to pay.  The inventory in the new store is great quality at bargain prices – come by and check us out.  And, with all the sorting and pricing right now of the huge backlog of donations, new items are going onto the store floor all-day, everyday.  And, check back here for discounts, sales, promotions and events as we get overloaded racks and shelves.  However, remember that every item in our store is a one-of-a-kind – so don’t wait for a sale!