St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

Donation Drop Off



Your Immediate Help is Need for the Homeless!

We need tents, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets for those who are currently sleeping outdoors.  If you have these items, please bring then to:

  • The St. Vincent Store
  • The Dan Austin Transitional Support Services Center
  • Resurrection Lutheran Church
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Church

You can also donate here (put “tents” in the memo line) and we will use your donation to purchase these items and distribute them to the homeless.

Current Donation Times

10:00 to 11:00 am Wednesdays and Saturdays

Side entrance of the store at 9151 Glacier Hwy

And, yes, I know these are really short donation hours.  However, we can get over 50 to 60 (or more) donors in one hour that can completely fill the donation room.  And then, it can take the donation volunteers and staff the two or three days between the two donation days each week to sort, price and move everything to the sales floor, before they have to start all over again!  And even with all that, we simply get more than we can sell, and are sending the excess to other outlets, such as our Dan Austin Transitional Support Services Center clothing depot for the homeless and disadvantaged, and other social service agencies.







Donation Guidelines and Policy

Thank you for considering donating to our thrift store.  The money we make from sale of your donations in the store, after paying store expenses, is used to support the society’s work in helping children, families, individuals and seniors with immediate need and transitional services, affordable and transitional housing, and seasonal support programs.  We use these funds as soon as needed in Juneau. Unfortunately, there are things we just can’t accept as donations, not because we don’t want to take your items off your hands, but because we just can’t sell them.  If we take items we cannot sell, we have to pay the high disposal costs here in Juneau, which takes away from our charitable mission.

Therefore, donations are accepted at the discretion of our staff and volunteers, and we thank you for your understanding.  As a general guideline, we do not have the ability to clean or repair donated items.  Therefore, we are very sorry, but we just can’t sell items that are dirty, stained, torn, ripped, broken, worn-out or have missing parts.  Items we cannot sell include:

  • Clothes that are dirty, stained, worn-thin, ripped, have missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Household items that are dirty, inoperable, or have missing parts
  • Toys or games that are dirty, or have missing parts or pieces
  • Child car seats, potty chairs or bathtubs
  • Furniture, rugs or appliances that are dirty, stained, broken or worn-thin, and metal desks
  • Computer equipment older than 2010, CRT monitors and fax machines
  • Books (we suggest taking these to the Amazing Bookstore – Friends of the Library, one of our partners in the Juneau Resale Association, and conveniently located across our parking lot in the Airport Mall)
  • Ski, and large exercise equipment (we suggest taking these to Second Wind Sports, one of our partners in the Juneau Resale Association)

Finally, the donation staff and volunteers really appreciate your use of white kitchen trash bags (rather than larger outdoor black trash bags) for donations.  Of course, boxes, tubs, etc. are all fine, also.