St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

At St. Vincent Store

In Anticipation of our Friends of the Poor Walk on Saturday, September 28th…

The walk starts at the store at 11:00 am (registration at 10:00) with with a blessing from our Bishop Andrew E. Bellisario, of the Catholic Diocese of Juneau, who will walk with us, along with Juneau Radio Personality Angel Montgomery.  We be walking to St. Vincent de Paul’s Community Center, located in our main facility on Teal Street (location of the old thrift store) for lunch, before walking back (about a mile on the short route).   There is no registration fee to join the walk or for lunch, but donations are always appreciated.  Of course, the proceeds from the walk directly support our aid programs for the poor, those in need and homeless – as do the revenues from the store.

Registration, sponsorship, donation, forms and other information can be found at the St. Vincent Store, here, and on the Friends of the Poor national website.  I hope you can join us.  There are also volunteer opportunities (at the store and the community center) for the event (and keeping the store operating during the event  – we are still taking donations during registration!).  If you are interested, please email me and I will get you in contact with the appropriate person.

…we are Celebrating with a Storewide 30% Off Sale!

Well, any excuse for a sale.  However, as any of you who have braved donations either here or at Salvation Army in the month of August and September (which I understand is a seasonal thing here), instead of getting our usual 50 to 60 donors in our extremely narrow donation times of just two one-hour  windows (Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10 to 11 am), we have been getting over 100 donors!  Which means, the donations / sorting room has been stuffed, (and volunteers and staff have been barely able to clear it between donation times) and now the sales floor is overloaded with a great selection of items.  So, time for an inventory reduction sale.  As, always, since everything is a one-of-kind item, come early during the sale for the best selection!.

And starting next week, we will have registration for Juneau Radio Center’s Trip to Las Vegas contest, St. Vincent Store gift card giveaways for the Saturday of the walk, and other event-related promotions. Stay tuned!

Tag Sales

If you are not sure how our tag sales work, you can check out my explanation here. All items in the store with blue tags (meaning they have been on the racks for at least two months) are 75% off, and all  items with yellow tag are 50% (meaning they have been on the racks for at least one month) are 50%.  Pink tagged times are priced as marked,  or according to the price charts around the store, as they have just come in from donations in the last month.

There is Always a Sale at St. Vincent Store

Everywhere you look in the St. Vincent Store you will something on sale right now .  Don’t miss out!  If you have not visited yet, this is a great time to come and see what all the talk is about.  When you head-out shopping, stop by us first to see if you have what you are looking for – at a fraction of the price!  And your purchases go back to your community, as we use proceeds from the store to provide monetary assistance, food, clothing, housing, and services to people in need in Juneau.






Every Saturday (and Sometimes During the Week)

Every Saturday we have free fresh-popped (in coconut oil like the movie theaters) popcorn and lemonade!  Bring the whole family.





Guest Service Guiding Principles

We completed our initial training to meet our new Guest Service Guiding Principles.  You can help us by letting us know how we are doing.  Both positive and not-so positive feedback will be appreciated.  Send comments to






As part of our new Guest Service program you will find comment and suggestion cards on the front of store display case.  We would love to hear from you.  Of course, you can also email your comments and suggestions to me at








We are a Founder and a Proud Member of the Juneau Resale Association

Did you know that there are eleven resellers of second-hand merchandise in Juneau with physical stores (our criteria for membership)?  I didn’t either.  They include:Mommy-N-Me, Second Wind Sports, The Rose Aube Bay, The Amazing Book Store (Friends of the Library), Alaskan Dames and Downtown Dames, Tot 2 Teen, Nana’s Attic, Urban Eskimo, Salvation Army and us.  See our webpage at

Friends of the Poor Walk

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day after day, many people in our community struggle to make ends meet.  The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) in Juneau has many programs that are helping those individuals and families. Every day, SVdP volunteers and staff work with those in need to provide emergency food, help keep the lights on or fill a fuel tank, avoid eviction or pay for travel for medical care.  We serve a diverse culture and our mission of charity is carried out regardless of religion, race, or national origin.

The Friends of the Poor Walk (FOP) is a national event that was started eleven years ago specifically to raise awareness and funds for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  We will be joining 240 other Friends of the Poor Walks across the United States in an effort to help eradicate poverty.  The walk will start at our new thrift store location on Glacier Highway and proceed to our housing shelter on Teal Street, where we will gather for a light lunch and celebration.  We will also offer a longer walk for hardier souls with a loop along Egan Drive.

SVdP Juneau operates a transitional housing facility with 26 rooms which serves 13 families and 13 single / couple occupants, in addition to five low-income housing complexes with 108 units.  Last year we also provided the following services to the homeless and those in need:

  • 13 housing vouchers, 100 food vouchers, 50 bus passes and 50 vouchers to the thrift store
  • Over 300 children received Christmas gifts through Adopt-A-Family
  • Over 200 Thanksgiving Baskets were either delivered or distributed
  • 1800 lbs. of food (not counting the holidays) were directly distributed
  • Home Visit Teams provided 15 home visits and 11 referrals for services
  • Navigators (case workers) made over 1,000 contacts and placed 30 into permanent housing

Will you please join us in walking or consider becoming a sponsor for our Annual Friends of the Poor Walk on Saturday, September 28, 2019?  Registration starts at 10:00am for both routes at the thrift store at 9151 Glacier Hwy.  You can register at the walk or in advance. You can register on the St. Vincent de Paul USA Friends of the Poor site here.  You can also register at the St. Vincent Store.  If can’t walk with use this year, but would like to donate, click here and put “FOP” in the memo line.

Click here to download our appeal letter and brochure.

Walker Registration / Waiver Form

If you would like to fill out the registration form / waiver in advance and bring it to walk, you can download it here:

SVdP FOP Walk Registration Form v 3 (09-10-19)









Walker Pledge Form

If you would like to have others pledge donations for your participation in the Friends of the Poor Walk, download our Walker Pledge Form here:


SVdP FOP Walk Pledge Form v 3 (09-10-19)








The Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is a national event coordinated by the Development Team at the National
Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

About Us

St. Vincent de Paul Juneau

No child should have to sleep in a car, no elder should have to live out in the cold, and no one should ever live without hope. Whether it is the working poor, disabled individuals, or seniors living on social security, every person deserves a roof over their head, a place to call home, and adequate clothing for themselves and their families. St. Vincent de Paul Society Diocesan Council of Southeast Alaska, Inc. (SVdP) has been a leader in Southeastern Alaska providing affordable housing to those transitioning from homelessness, and poverty into permanent housing. Additionally, SVdP has been providing monetary assistance, food, clothing, housing, and services to people in-need since the 1980s. It operates a transitional housing facility for individuals and families transitioning from homelessness and is the property manager for five low-income apartment complexes in Juneau, including the Juneau Housing First project for the chronically homeless and chemically-dependent. SVdP has five community navigators, and a number of Home Visit Teams, who work throughout Juneau with those experiencing homelessness and near homelessness or are otherwise in distress, including the elderly, individuals and families, and those with disabilities. SVdP’s community navigators, Home Visit teams work from the Dan Austin Transitional Support Services Center located at the site of SVdP’s transitional housing facility, where it also operates a food pantry and secondhand item depot for those in-need, and hosts the City and Borough of Juneau Sobering Center operated by Capital City Fire Rescue. In addition to providing aid as the need arises, SVdP hold the annual Friends of the Poor Walk, Ozanam Sunday and Thanksgiving Food Basket and Christmas Adopt-A-Family events. St. Vincent de Paul provides material and spiritual charity and works for social justice for all people.


June rebellion
June Rebellion, Paris, 1832. Vincentians ministered to the wounded on both sides.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Story:

If you have read Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables” or seen the play or movie, you may understand the world into which the St. Vincent de Paul Society was born. Paris, the world’s most populous city in 1832, was reeling from the inevitable social chaos arising from oppression of the poor. Hunger and disease ravaged the city, particularly in the slums of the destitute and working classes.

In Hugo’s novel, the June Rebellion of 1832 features prominently.  While many students were prepared to die and to kill if necessary to uphold the ideals of democracy and human rights, a group of young Catholic students at the Sorbonne University saw a different path to social justice.

They could not turn away from the Gospel, as had the ruling aristocracy and the institution of the Church.  They could not condone violence and killing even in defense of the Revolution. The founders of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul took their inspiration from Matthew 25:40, “Whatsoever you do for these, the least of my brethren, you do for me.”  They followed examples set by the Sisters of Charity and the wisdom of 17th Century French Saint, Vincent de Paul.

The Society’s young members, led by Blessed Frederick Ozanam, ministered to the poor by personal visitation– bringing food, firewood, clothing and medicine to the desperate.  One of their first acts was to rescue a victim of domestic violence and re-locate her and her children to safety away from the city and her abuser. When violence erupted between the people and the King’s army, early members of the Society, including its founder, tended the wounded on the barricades.  183 years later, the Society is an international organization in more than 70 countries with hundreds of thousands of volunteers committed to exactly those same acts of charity and more.

The St. Vincent Store is Open 10-6 Monday - Saturday (907)789-5141
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Juneau Programs

The Society is organized under a simple principle called The Rule. The essence of The Rule is that members look to their local community and reach out to its poor. Members are directed to open their eyes and hearts to suffering, identify the causes and work diligently to permanently remove those causes.


St. Vincent Store sales and community donations are combined with resident’s donations to support the Dan Austin Transitional Support Services Center (TSSC)  Food Pantry. Here, the residents of St. Vincent’s Transitional Housing Shelter , the homeless and those in need  can get food. This resource helps every household in the shelter stretch their income to meet the nutritional needs of their family. When possible, SVdP budgets funds to purchase food vouchers (grocery gift certificates) for non-residents who come to us in need. In addition, during the “Project Homeless Connect” community event, SVdP distributes an addtional $2,500 in food vouchers to those who are homeless in Juneau.

For more than 30 years at St. Vincent de Paul strives to “no one leaves hungry.”

Holiday Programs

Supported primarily from the Walk for the Poor and holiday season donations, over 200 Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets—frozen turkeys with all the fixings, including pumpkin pie—are distributed to needy families. Most families are sponsored by one or more service organizations or agencies. Long-time donors and volunteers make this happen with the support of SVdP staff.

Every Christmas, SVdP connects donors with local families in its Adopt-a-Family program that cannot afford even the most modest Christmas for their children. Volunteers and staff coordinate the applications from families and donors shop for specific children by age and gender with information on clothing and shoe size and that “something special” wished for. In 2018, more than 200 children benefitted from this program.

Other Aid

In addition, to food, holiday programs, SVdP helps local folks with utility bills, medical expenses, eviction prevention and other “bumps in the road” through its aid programs, including its Home Visit Team. We are one of the few places a person who is not a regular “case-managed” client of a social service agency can go to ask for temporary assistance. At the same time, we work closely with all our colleagues in the Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness to help the members of our common family. We do not amass large sums in operating reserves. If we have it, it is available to help others. That is what we do.

Myrna Brown and Anthony

Housing and Homelessness

Juneau has always had difficulty delivering decent affordable housing to low-income citizens. Today, Juneau is Alaska’s most homeless city on a per-capita basis. We have 1.5 times the rate of Anchorage and 3 times that of Fairbanks. In fact, Juneau ranks as one of America’s most homeless communities, with a per capita rate also three times that of Los Angeles County.

Over twenty years, SVdP has developed, built and currently manages 125 apartments for low-income households of all types. These are located in six buildings in Downtown, Douglas and the Valley.

In all cases, the tenants of these apartments pay some level of rent. Many are working and self-pay the full rent-controlled rate. The Homeless and Transitional Housing is helped by the Thrift Store and donations. SVdP and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also help support many of the other households through our rental assistance programs.

Whatsoever you do for these, the least of my brethren, you do for me.”

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