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At the St. Vincent Store

Spend $5 and Get $1 More to Spend!

Okay, I know it’s really just a 20% off sale… But it sounds fun, doesn’t it!  Plus if you get near a multiple of $5, we’re going to push you to go for the next $1 increment to get that next $1, right!  So come on in, and have some fun.




Free Hot-Buttered Popcorn with Lemonade on Saturday!

And we haven’t had any free food since the holidays, so let’s have some free popcorn and lemonade this Saturday.  Oh, and by the way, we will be open on Monday!



50% Off Clearance Sale in Selected Areas

Wow! Surprise! Yet another store remodel sale!  Now that the racks have be rearranged (and mostly re-racked), we are ready to start modeling the back portion of the store.  In order to do that, we need to reduce a lot of our stock in housewares, children’s toys, crafts, office supplies and other areas.  So, our need is you gain!  We need to get things out of the store, you can get bargains!  Come in to see what is on clearance.



2019 Store Remodel

We have now been in our new store for about six months!  Enough time to learn what worked and what didn’t work.  We have also been listen to your comments.  Now, with the closing last week of St. Vince Christmas Store, it is time to do a reconfiguration and remodel of the store over the next two weeks.  But we will be be open – so come on in.  And keep those comments coming!




More Remodel Sales will be Coming!

You know me well enough by now after the last five months to know I will find any excuse for a sale… So you can expect that there will be a number of sales before, during and after the remodel (i.e. “the famous pre-remodel sale,” “the popular during-reconfiguration sale,” “the donn’t miss-it, while-the-dust-settles, almost-done-with-the-remodelling sale,” and, of course, “the grand opening sale”).

Tag Sales


For those who don’t normally shop second-hand stores (which had included me before I came to SVdP), I have been struggling to explain things like tag sales (and why we have them), since they don’t really apply to a regular retail store (which is how I am hoping you will start to think of the St. Vincent Store as, when you head out to go shopping).  Meaning, when you need a pair of pants, stop here first to see if we have what you need.  If we do, it will probably be about $5, unless something designer and then about $10 to get something that is new or in very, very good condition (we send the other donations to our charity uses  at our Transition Support Services Center, Housing Facility, CBJ Warming Shelter and other agencies, etc.).  If we don’t, then you’re off to one of the retail stores in town.  But, its worth the quick stop since we’re right on the way.

Oh, I digress… Back to tag sales.  As items come into donations (yes, I know, our donation hours are really restrictive now…  sorry, sorry, sorry – please volunteer to sort). the sorting and pricing crew tag the item with colored tags that change each month (pink, blue and yellow) in rotation.  This allows us to know how long items have been on the racks and shelves.   And if an item is not selling after a month, we discount it 50%, two months 75%, and three months it gets pulled, and sent out of the store to our charity channels.  BNow you understand tag sales!

We Are Now Open to 6:00 pm!

Monday to Saturday

10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thank You For Your Help This Year!

We Appreciate Your Participating in St. Vincent’s Adopt-A-Family Program

Thanks to the Juneau’s community support, more than 300 kids received gifts this Christmas.



We have many opportunities for folks to donate their most precious treasure—their time. Whether helping stock and manage the Thrift Store, assisting seniors, mentoring children, or just being there for a game of chess, a hike, or a song. The Vincentian Spirit is about people helping people and we seek to strengthen the bonds of our human family. Please call 789-5535 ext. 7, or email us at, and leave your name and the activity or skill or talent you would like to bring to others.

Volunteer Opportunities for Evening Sorting Parties (we provide snacks and the party)

While we are always looking for individuals to volunteer their time at SVdP, the backlog of donations at our store is more than the current store volunteers and staff can possibly clear alone.  So we have volunteer groups working in the evenings (6:00 to 9:00 pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the forseeabe.  We have store supervisors to train and assist you or your group.  We provide the snacks.  We crank-up the store sound system with whatever music you like.  And a good time is had by all!  In the last few weeks we had groups from St. Paul’s Catholic Church, and Resurrection Lutheran Church.  However, you don’t need to be a religious organization, as we accept slave labor – oops, I mean – volunteers from any group.  Book clubs, knitting groups, rugby teams, motorcycle gangs, etc., are welcome!  Contact us at, or call 808-782-5795 for more information or to schedule your group.

The St. Vincent Store is Open 10-6 Monday - Saturday (907)789-5141
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St. Vincent de Paul would like to thank the countless volunteers who have contributed to our organization with their most valuable possession, their time. From volunteering at the Thrift Store to delivering Thanksgiving food baskets and everything in between, they have tirelessly been there when needed. Just as important are the people who have contributed their treasure and their talent. Without those donations, St. Vincent de Paul would not be able to function. Today, we are in a unique situation. One of our major sources of funding, the Thrift Store, was moved, making way for 7 new low-income apartments. The store was moved into an adjacent space with much less room. The reduction in the store size resulted in less products to sell and subsequently less income to distribute directly to those in need or to assistance programs. You can contribute to SVDP Programs by clicking on the button above. It is our goal to build a new, larger Thrift Store on land that we have already obtained. This store will continue to use its proceeds to help the poor and needy for years to come. We are asking that you will become a part of this endeavor. Please prayerfully consider a gift to St. Vincent de Paul. All information provided, including your email address, is strictly confidential and will only be used internally for SVDP purposes.

Juneau Programs

The Society is organized under a simple principle called The Rule. The essence of The Rule is that members look to their local community and reach out to its poor. Members are directed to open their eyes and hearts to suffering, identify the causes and work diligently to permanently remove those causes.


Thrift Store sales and community donations are combined with resident’s donations to support the Homeless and Transitional Housing Food Pantry. Here, the SVdP community can access food, including meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the grocery store price. This resource helps every household in the shelter stretch their income to meet the nutritional needs of their family. Every month, SVdP budgets funds to purchase food vouchers (grocery gift certificates) for non-residents who come to us in need. In addition to the monthly distribution, during the “Project Homeless Connect” community event, SVdP distributes $2,500 in food vouchers to those who are homeless in Juneau.

For more than 30 years at St. Vincent de Paul, “no one leaves hungry.”

Holiday Programs

Supported primarily from the Walk for the Poor and holiday season donations, over 500 Thanksgiving Dinner baskets—frozen turkeys with all the fixings, including pumpkin pie—are distributed to needy families. Most families are sponsored by one or more service organizations or agencies. Long-time donors and volunteers make this happen with the support of SVdP staff.

Every Christmas, SVdP connects donors with local families that cannot afford even the most modest Christmas for their children. Volunteers and staff coordinate the applications from families and donors shop for specific children by age and gender with information on clothing and shoe size and that “something special” wished for. In 2014, more than 200 children benefitted from this program.

Other Aid

In addition, to food, holiday programs, and more than $100,000 in rent subsidies, SVdP expended over $97,000 last year to help local folks with utility bills, medical expenses, eviction prevention and other “bumps in the road”. We are one of the few places a person who is not a regular “case-managed” client of a social service agency can go to ask for temporary assistance. At the same time, we work closely with all our colleagues in the Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness to help the members of our common family. We do not amass large sums in operating reserves. If we have it, it is available to help others. That is what we do.

Myrna Brown and Anthony

Housing and Homelessness

Juneau has always had difficulty delivering decent affordable housing to low-income citizens. Today, Juneau is Alaska’s most homeless city on a per-capita basis. We have 1.5 times the rate of Anchorage and 3 times that of Fairbanks. In fact, Juneau ranks as one of America’s most homeless communities, with a per capita rate also three times that of Los Angeles County.

Over twenty years, SVdP has developed, built and currently manages 125 apartments for low-income households of all types. These are located in six buildings in Downtown, Douglas and the Valley.

In all cases, the tenants of these apartments pay some level of rent. Many are working and self-pay the full rent-controlled rate. The Homeless and Transitional Housing is helped by the Thrift Store and donations. SVdP and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also help support many of the other households through our rental assistance programs.

Whatsoever you do for these, the least of my brethren, you do for me.”

Please Help