St. Vincent de Paul Juneau – We provide material and spiritual charity and work for social justice for all people.

Who We Serve

Families and Singles



Several years ago, SVdP had to close the doors to its licensed day care program.  It was, for all of us, one of our saddest days.  Because of high operating costs and very low Alaska reimbursement rates compared to other states, we had to choose between housing homeless families or providing day care for them and for foster children in state custody.

The cycle of poverty can be understood in very real terms when a new family moves in to our shelter. In far too many instances, we recognize the parents as folks we knew when they were children here a decade or more ago.  Ten years later, those children have come again to us for shelter with children of their own.  We are now housing the grandchildren of some of our first residents. Forty-five children reside in our shelter today, an all-time record.

Volunteers and staff here realize that the cycle will be broken only when our kids can vision something better.  If you have an activity you would like to share with our kids, please call 789-5535 ext. 4 and ask for Scot.


It seems that members of our family on both ends of the generation spectrum need and deserve our support.  The children and the seniors.

At our senior residence, Smith Hall, 25 seniors enjoy the security of quality housing at a price they can afford.  However, as we age in place, all of us will eventually need more and more help with many of the activities of daily living.  Most in Juneau realize that there are significant gaps in service for seniors. Yet, Juneau and Alaska have among the fastest growing senior populations in the country.  Smith Hall was opened 18 years ago, and some of our residents were among the first to move in.  They were seniors then, and though most are still very much capable of independent living, they could use assistance with cooking and cleaning, shopping and other errands.  If you would like to help seniors, please call Scot at 789-5535, ext. 4.