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Thanks to Wonderful Volunteers from

This group came in like a plague of locusts (oops!), I mean like a swarm of delightful honey bees (buzzzz) on a Monday afternoon.  They took over the donations room and part of the sales floor and sorted and hung bag after bag of donated clothes filling all the rolling racks used for pricing.


The customers in the store that spectacle was great!





That Monday evening, the Young Adult Group from the Catholic Diocese of Juneau came back in for their second project at the store (their first project was the three-hour effort to move all the racks in the store from straight to the new 45 degree orientation).  This evening, they pulled down and ferreted-out the last of donations that had been stashed-away from the summer donation-debacle

We have many opportunities for you to donate your most precious treasure – your time. Whether helping stock and sell in the store, assisting seniors, mentoring children, or just being there for a game of chess, a hike, or a song.  The Vincentian Spirit is about people helping people and seeking to strengthen the bonds of our human family.  Please call 789-5535, or email us at to sign-up on our volunteer page with your name and the activity or skill or talent you would like to bring to others.

Thanks to Great Donations from


The Aspen Suite Hotel near the Airport is apparently doing some remodeling (sure seems new to me!) and has donated all their practically-new pots and pans.  While we sent some to be used in our transitional shelter, and for distribution by our community navigators, there are plenty in the store for sale.  Aspen Suites will also be donating their queen-size beds and some lobby furniture over the next few weeks.  Say tuned!  Be sure to recommend Aspen Suite Hotel to friends and family visiting Juneau!


We cannot thank these groups and businesses enough for their time and donations!

As you know, helping St. Vincent de Paul helps us help other in need.